Esports: On the Way to School

The Tango High School Cup is the first esports event in Luxembourg exclusively dedicated to high school students and is born out of a collaboration between Tango and 4Elements Esports.

The start of the event will take place on March, 27th 2021 and will be composed of 8 Cups in total with 4 individual Cups for each of the two selected game titles.

The Tango High School Cup will end with the Grand Finale on July, 10th 2021. For the entire duration of the event, participants will have to opportunity to win several prizes and gifts offered by Tango and partners of the event. The event will be streamed on the 4Elements Esports Twitch channel.

The Tango High School Cup is not just an esports competition, but a lifestyle event where esports and gaming meet culture and entertainment!

The event seeks to strengthen the sense of belonging and the community within Luxembourg high schools.

The content created around the Tango High School Cup will not be exclusively centered on esports and gaming, but will also address specific topics concerning high school students and youth in general such as health, physical and mental fitness.