Shortly Explained

The Tango High School Cup is a series of tournaments in different games featuring Fortnite (DUOs), Clash Royale, Rocket League (DUOs) and FIFA22 addressed to pupils visiting a Lycée in Luxembourg.

Every participant collects points by simply participating. Depending on the achieved ranking, even more points can be scored. Furthermore, during the course of the Tango High School Cup, pupils can participate in special challenges to collect additional points.

All points earned count towards your own and your school’s score. At the end of the event, on June 4th, we will determine the MVP 2022, i.e. the student with the most points, and we will know who will succeed the Lycée de Garcons Luxembourg – LGL, and become High School Champion 2022.

Obviously, there are prizes to be won in the different tournaments as well as for winning MVP 2022 and High School Champion 2022 as a school. In addition, prizes will be raffled between all participants and spectators at each tournament, as we believe that everyone who enjoys playing or watching should have a chance to win a prize.