The Tango High School Cup (“THSC”) is operated by FWRD SARL-S (“Forward”). The THSC is a competition for Fortnite (“Fortnite”), Clash Royale (“CR”), Rocket League (“RL”) and FIFA22 (“FIFA22”). The competition is owned by forward and Tango Luxembourg is title sponsor.

The competition and its various events are based on different game titles which are subject to change for different seasons.

Each player unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these official rules and decisions that forward and the administrators make about the THSC. This includes, without limitation, decisions about how to interpret or implement these official rules and administer the tournament. Such decisions shall be final and binding in all aspects and not subject to challenge or appeal.

Any aspect of the THSC or incidents that affect the THSC that are not outlined in these official rules may be addressed and resolved by forward and the administrators at the time of the incident. Their decisions on such matters shall be final and binding and not subject to challenge or appeal. These official rules are subject to change, as determined by the administrators in their sole discretion.

The most recent version of this official rulebook will be available on the THSC Discord ( The administrators may also use other means to communicate with those players who are participants of the THSC.

Entry in the THSC does not constitute entry into any other tournament, competition, contest or sweepstakes.


2.1 Tango High School Cup

The THSC is a multi-game esports competition for the region of Luxembourg.

The competition is operated by Forward. The THSC is meant to further increase the sense of belonging within school and offer pupils a structured competition to have fun prove themselves.

2.2 Validity

This is the only rulebook that is valid for competitions within the THSC. This rulebook will be available in different languages such as German or French, however, in case of any conflict or unclear cases, the English version is the only valid one. The participants, both “team(s)” and “player(s)” declare by taking part in any competition related to the THSC that they read, understand and accept the rules as stated in this rulebook.


The participation requires for every participant (“player”) to recognize the general rules for participation, the rulebook, the lawful information and the privacy information and agreement.

3.1 Limitations of participation

The participation is free of charge.

3.1.1 Age

The minimum age to participate in the game title Fortnite is twelve (12) years.

The minimum age to participate in the game title Clash Royale is twelve (12) years.

The minimum age to participate in the game title Rocket League is twelve (12) years.

The minimum age to participate in the game title FIFA22 is twelve (12) years.

3.1.2 Localization

Players visiting a Luxembourg secondary school are eligible to participate.

3.1.3 Affiliation

A player can only belong to a secondary school if he/she is enrolled in the same school.

3.2 Registration

Players must register via the THSC website and any service that is used for the execution of the THSC and all the competitions tied to the THSC. The platform can be found at

During the competition, players participate using a pseudonym and not their legal names. A player must keep the same pseudonym in every different game title. However, it is within the rights of the THSC that the legal names of the players may be published or used in different content formats. Every player declares that his username & school name do not violate any copyrights, brand rights or public rights and literary property.

3.2.1 Teams

In team competitions, players can choose their partner without being limited to their own school. Points received are divided among the respective players.

3.3 Behavior

Each player shall show due respect to other players, administrators and the organization. Insults, unfair and/or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

3.4 Passing on an account

The transfer of a user account is not permitted and may lead to the exclusion of the respective player from the competition.


The Tango High School Cup is scheduled for the following dates:

  • Fortnite – Saturday March 26th 14h00
  • Clash Royale – Saturday April 30th 14h00
  • Rocket League – Saturday May 14th 14h00
  • FIFA22 – Saturday June 4th 14h00


Participants have 14 days to send the requested information to the tournament organizer. The issue shall take place within 90 days, but no later than 180 days, after the end of the competition.

The tournament organizer reserves the right to cancel a participant’s prizes in whole or in part in case of urgent suspicion of cheating or fraud.


Any points received during the gaming events will apply to the player’s personal score and that of their respective school. In team competitions, each player of the team is awarded with the listed points.


The event includes an individual leaderboard to discover the best cross-game gamer and a school leaderboard to find the best school “School Champion” across the different game titles.


The official communication platform for the league is the official THSC Discord. Any requests or information should be done in the related server section or in extreme cases via mail. Every participant is expected to check the discord at least once every 48 hours in order to not miss any critical information or announcements of any sort. Participants should be present on the discord at least an hour before the scheduled start of the competition.


Each participant is allowed to stream if they mention “Tango High School Cup” or “THSC” in their stream title.